Books by Pestalozzi

How Gertrude Teaches Her Children: An Attempt To Help Mothers To Teach Their Own Children And An Account Of The Method by Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi

Leonard and Gertrude


Letters of Pestalozzi on the Education of Infancy: Addressed to Mothers


Letters On Early Education: 1827 Edition


The Education of Man: Aphorisms

The Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi Society is an initiative of:

PestalozziWorld is a family of not-for-profit organizations serving and supporting children from some of the poorest regions in the world. This family is coordinated by PestalozziWorld UK and includes PestalozziWorld USA, PestalozziWorld Switzerland, PestalozziWorld Zambia, PestalozziWorld India and PestalozziWorld Nepal

PestalozziWorld Children's Trust, UK registered charity number 1172364 - Pestalozzi US Children's Charity Inc., US registered E.I. Number 04-3407363POCT Ireland Ltd, Irish registered charity number CHY17386 - Pestalozzi Overseas Children's Foundation, Swiss registered charity number CH-

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