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Teaching Ideas - Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi’s Pedagogy

by Dr. Joanna Nair for PestalozziWorld

These Teaching Ideas:

  • Are for use with intermediate to advanced students and can be used for training teachers and anyone interested in the Pestalozzi approach to teaching

  • Use group activities to provide an overview of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi’s approach to education and of his beliefs as they relate to education

  • Are based on ‘Pestalozzi and Education’ available on the JHPestalozzi website but stand alone and can be used without the document

A guide on how to use these teaching ideas is available here.

Aims of a Pestalozzi Education (Advanced)

Pestalozzi’s Basic Beliefs (1) - World Proverbs (Intermediate)

Pestalozzi’s Basic Beliefs (2)  (Advanced)

Pestalozzi’s Basic Beliefs (2) (continued)  (Advanced)

Changes Pestalozzi brought to Education (1) (Advanced)

Changes Pestalozzi brought to Education (2) (Advanced)

General Contributions to the Field of Education Made by Pestalozzi (Advanced)

Human Qualities in Pestalozzi’s Educational Approach (1) (Intermediate to Advanced)

Human Qualities in Pestalozzi’s Educational Approach (2) (Intermediate to Advanced)

Overview of Pestalozzi’s Appproach to Education (1) Pestalozzi Education Tree (1) (Intermediate to Advanced) 

Overview of Pestalozzi Approach to Education (1) (continued) Pestalozzi Education Tree (1) (continued) Intermediate to (Advanced)

Overview of Pestalozzi’s Approach to Education (2)  Intermediate to (Advanced) 

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